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12-29-2012, 06:50 AM
I agree Acc is the most important trait but you do not nee more then 1 if your capt has acc trait and 2 if not or you will see some of the most spectacular fails in your lifetime.

With players becoming more and more build savvy and catching up to the knowledge that the elite level players have known for years (Humans nowadays are notoriously slow learners... like lemmings or dodo birds.) and learning that defense is 25% shields, 25% skills, 25% speed and 25% elusive piloting. All these things together makes you into a mobile tank.

You can't kill what you can't hit and you definitely can't hit what you can't catch. Captains with 23 impulse speed have maxed defense couple that with elusiveness and a few skills and lol good luck hitting that escort that's gone from being that wimpy little kid in the corner to Muhammad Ali in your face down goes Frasier!

I don't worry about Vfaw CV or spreads, i just kick in evasive hit a hard turn and come back around to your side and saw you in half. But with acc hitting me across the bow I'm a little more like a probing shark instead of a piranha going for the kill! booyah!