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12-29-2012, 06:04 AM
You do know if you run it every 20 hour on the twenty hour mark, evben if you have to inconvenience yourself to do it, you can gain time and in the end you can simply get lobi and get what you are missing.

I mean I don't know why people are giving up ust because the wall is too high or the mile is too long, you run until the whistle blows.

It's people who give up that get no sympathy from me, there is no way in the world with me being as poor as I am that I will give up a chance to fly an op free ship. Since I reached lvl 50 I have been flying a fleet patrol since I can't aford anything lol I splurged once on Di to get myself a borg eng, she is soooooo cute, but that was all I ever purchased from the C store and that was with in game money lol love the di system, dam those klinks and their di hoarding!

Anywho, this ship is going to be op and if you can't afford to buy a good ship ou can't afford to pass up on these beautiful beast of a woman. This is Cryptic say to you "Here my child, let m take you from being a failure to being a god" And to say no is the same as to stab yourself in the neck... so don't give up, keep pushing and you never know what will happen.