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12-29-2012, 06:51 AM
Star trek feel... isn't that all really just personal preference?

Each person feels and thinks differently when seeing certain things and comparing it to the vacuum they see in their minds of such items.

When I see post about big ships moving and spiraling and flipping, I say no way. not because it's not possible because it truly is, in slow motion movements but when it comes to combat I doubt that's a good idea, a ship moving that fast will kill every body inside it. Some people say inertial dampeners and whatever else but when i catch an episode of ST I always see the guys bouncing off the wall while taking a shot, can you imagine taking that same shot while doing a barrel roll "Oh my god, they killed my Borg engineer!" "Those bastards!"

And then DHC's on a FED ship? I'm a FED Tac in a Patrol Escort and I still hate seeing DHC's on FED ship it's just, well you know, not right or wrong but just feels not like it should be.

Then there were relationships and children and just as important to the series as tacs, eng, and scis were civies, will they have to make civies or allow marriage and such? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what a star trek feel is but I am certain what it isn't and that's the furthest I can go.