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12-29-2012, 07:11 AM
not to mention that the Need or Greed UI does not even work in shooter mode, you can't press the button without swapping to RPG mode....

just one more reason why Shooter mode is not a feasible option to play with, compared to RPG mode. (there are a lot more reasons, but this is a big one).

and yes i just hammer Need all the time and dont even look at the loot that drops because it's all just vendor trash these days anyway,
at best something drops that you can sell on the exchange for a few more EC, and maybe, if your lucky one time a year something drops that you can actually use, i will not wait for that one time a year to press need ;P

i'd be perfectly fine with getting rid of this broken mechanic and swapping it to round robbing.

i also wouldn't mind if i would NOT have to press F for every loot drop, in other games you have a simple filter, what quality of items / what type do you want to pick up and what is converted to currency directly, and you just need to walk into it's range and it comes flying towards you instead of you needing to Press F all the time.

i also wouldnt mind if those loot containers and lockboxes would stop cluttering space on the screen, there is enough of a neon lightshow going on already with all the crazy wizzard powers out there.