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12-29-2012, 08:33 AM
They also haven't really had a lot of brains since Chang. That was the striking thing about Star Trek VI: regardless of the cracks the Enterprise crew made about Klingon table manners, bad breath, etc., you really had the sense of having just been in a room of intelligent people with Gorkon, Azetbur, and Chang. That hasn't been seen since among Klingons. Q even picked up on that when he nicknamed Worf "Microbrain."
Yeah, Gorkon, et al. did a very good job of coming across as people. Admittedly, Chang was a very devious and evil person, but he was a person none the less.

As for the poorly equipped troops.... I see that as a limitation of being a TV show. IRL I'd expect it, but in a tv show that takes a lot of budget...

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