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12-29-2012, 07:51 AM
Dark Mirror Fleet has only a few more open slots left. We have no wish to become just another mega-fleet so we will soon be closing the airlock. We are a cloes knit group of active and knowledgeable players who enjoy all aspects of the game. In fact to be honest, we are not looking for new recruits... we are looking for new friends who enjoy Star Trek and Star Trek Online.

When I say everyone has a voice in this fleet I mean it. Every decision made for the fleet is voted on by everyone. Everybody know everybody and there are no nameless faces. Want fleet items? If you have the fleet credits and dilithium then feel free to get whatever you want. There is no rule saying you have to donate X amount before you are allowed to enjoy fleet items.

As I said before... space is running out so if any of this inerest you feel free to stop by our website at