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I'm always hoping Cryptic adds new space powers, and it occured to me they could very easily add additional 'team' powers in the vein of Sci/Eng/Tac teams, but covering the other professions.

For instance:

Security Team
Medical Team
Operations Team

Security Team would obviously remove boarding parties, but it wouldn't re-balance your shields or improve your offensive capabilities. Instead it would clear tac debuffs but also synergize with powers like 'boarding party' such that if you launch a boarding party with security team active, it gains a limited, rating based immunity to tactical team or other proc clearing effects (so like, security team 1 would provide immunity to tactical team 1, and this would actually encourage people to run higher versions of tac team). It would also add resistance to your crew towards dead or dying effects like torpedoes.

Medical Team wouldn't buff shields, but it would remove a number of sci debuffs, and also provide an 'instant' replenishment of crew to alive/uninjured status. It would syngerize with effects like viral matrix, granting them a limited, rating based immunity to their associated counter.

Operations Team would not heal your hull, but would grant a hull resist, increase power flow, and remove engineering debuffs (like aceton field or warp plasma). It would synergize with power drain effects like power siphon, or the breen energy dissipator (or polaron weapons, I guess), increasing the duration of the drain, but not the magnitude of the drain.

Thoughts? Suggestions for other 'teams'?