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12-29-2012, 08:59 AM
Chimera certainly does not have superior stats across the board.
The Chimera is suited well to anyone inept at using a real Escort. A Cruiser player who wants to have a taste of Escort play, its a nice first step; but compared to any of the other 9 console escorts, even the 'Hermes', it is inferior for series Escort use.

Lets look at those "superior stats across the board"
  • Console layout is the same. Chimera loses one for the Tactical Mode console.
  • Shields are the same.
  • Weapons same.
  • Boff layout is essentially the same however the Chimera offers some flexibility thanks to Universal slots. Boff layout would be generally identical if you play the Chimera as an Escort anyway.
  • 'Hermes' has a superior turn rate of 16 compared to 14.
  • Chimera has one more Device slot, which most players don't use anyway.
  • Chimera has a higher crew count, useful but still not a high amount. 750 vs 200. Blah blah, 275% increase, same as alot of Sci vessels, still low compared to Cruisers.
  • Chimera has 3,500 more hull hit points. Approx 11% increase, a nominal value which makes no difference to a decent Escort player who should already be able to compensate for their low hull hp compared to other vessels.

That is the comparison to an RA rank free vessel. There are VA store vessels which are considerably better suited to an Escort roll than the Chimera.
You claim the Chimera far eclipses any ship I mentioned. That is terribly untrue. Seeing as you are so dependent on written stats for your facts, I suggest you actually take a look at the stats of the other ships mentioned. The Steamrunner Blockade escort and the Fleet 'Defiant' are both vastly superior to the Chimera in stats and in use.

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Now, before accusing your betters of poor reading comprehension, work on yours; because that was all already stated in the post you ing misread, you ****ing moron.

Now, regardless of differing opinion about useful stats to an Escort, your attitude is truly appalling. And you are certainly not in any way "better" than me.

"quiscustodiet" hinting towards "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes" are we? Loosely translated as "Who will watch the watch?" Well I shall have to say "Who will Troll the Trolls?" because you sir are certainly a troll, here to pick a fight on a forum. How sad.