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"Captain, I strongly recommend you choose an alternative. Either take an away team or leave her to her fate." The Andorian tactical officer was able to keep up with her Captain's quick pace as they left the Quartermaster's Office. Captain Kathryn Beringer was strapping the Kit over her shoulders as they walked to the Shuttle Bay.

"Anthi, your suggestion is duly noted. But those Orion slave-traders will not get away with this one, not when I have the chance to rescue her from a terrible existence."

"Sir, I present options that safeguard yourself or the crew. The asteroid base is larger than anything we have encountered before. Starfleet has already been notified of its existence. I don?t have to be Vulcan to know your current plan is reckless, if not illogical."

Kathryn stopped and turned to her First officer, her face lined with controlled anger. She leaned in and used hushed tones to prevent from losing control. "Anthi, we've been together since your first assignment from the Academy and you know my history is tied to that girl waiting in that cell. I'm not going to pull rank but I know what needs to be done and where to go. An away team will just endanger them and Starfleet is too slow to respond." Kathryn started walking and focused on checking the charge packs in the pistols holstered to each hip. "I know I can"t save every slave in the galaxy, but I know I can for this one. You may call it reckless, but I've made resolutions to prevent what happened to me to the best of my abilities. I keep my promises, you know that."

Anthi followed one step behind and persisted. "You should not go alone."

"Options are off the table, Anthi. If she is still alive, then the risk is worth the effort." They reached the doors to the Shuttle Bay. "You have the con. Be sure to stay 50 kilometers out and- "

"Use the asteroids as cover, I know Captain", Anthi interrupted. "It"s not the first time we"ve done this."

They stood at the doors in silence for a few seconds. Kathryn knew Anthi approved of her decision; she was just doing her duty. The Andorian looked at the doors, "What if the girl is dead?"

Kathryn smirked, "Then the Solaris will get to test his new Quantum Torpedoes on a stationary target."
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