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I like this. It actually fits in really well with a lot of stuff in the shows: the lack of combat uniforms/gear, the unergonomic weapons, poor unit tactics, etc.
The other key, to me, is O'Brien's past. We know he was Starfleet's equivalent of infantry in the past, but we do not see those skills drawn on most of the time, only his technical ones. It's almost as if Starfleet does not even maintain infantry units, but draws personnel ad hoc off of its starships. One would expect O'Brien to be in charge of some sort of security or tactical unit given that he has a better idea what to DO than almost anybody else on the Enterprise or (in earlier seasons) on DS9, and that would include Worf. Yet he isn't. True, that could be due to burnout with combat, but you'd expect to see him at least consulted as an expert.

That right there is another key indicator of pre-STO Starfleet's lack of preparedness.

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Yeah, Gorkon, et al. did a very good job of coming across as people. Admittedly, Chang was a very devious and evil person, but he was a person none the less.
If you search "Klingon Academy Intro" on YouTube, you get to see Chang outside of STVI, and it's really interesting to see how he compares to "newer" Klingons. There's even an explanation of sorts in game of the difference.

As for the poorly equipped troops.... I see that as a limitation of being a TV show. IRL I'd expect it, but in a tv show that takes a lot of budget...
I'm not so sure. Even looking at the Cardassians you get a better sense of battle preparedness than looking at Starfleet troops. The Cardassians actually look to be trying given that they have armor of some sort. But the fact that we never saw cover shields, even an attempt at helmets or armor (which would at least guard against shrapnel injuries if not a phaser blast, back then)...I don't think it would've been that hard to do on a budget.

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