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12-29-2012, 10:05 AM
I just got the Kinetic Cutting Beam and personally I find it very useful; my load out is a pair of dual heavy tetryon cannons, dual tetryon beam bank, tetryon array (rear) and the cutting beam (rear), along with a load of transphasic torpedos (rapid reload to the front and breen cluster to the back). I'll likely shift once I get the omega torpedo launcher, so I can get the full set bonus, but I've got the rest of the assimilated stuff and I have to say the cutting beam stacks very well with the tractor beam ability, to the point that I will probably replace my rear facing torpedo launcher, as the beam starts doing damage the moment an enemy's shields are down, so if you can't get a torpedo salvo off in time it's no big deal, and if you can fire them then that's just a bonus!

My only problem with the beam is that it seems to have no visual effect? At least none that I can see; does anyone else suffer this issue? I have no problems with other weapons, except when there is a ton of firing at once and some things aren't visible, but even in the quieter solo missions I can't see any visible effect for the beam. It definitely does the damage, but I like being able to see it firing

Otherwise, I was a bit disappointed to see that the cutting beam is unaffected by fire at will; I can understand why it doesn't get damage bonuses from abilities but I would have liked to be able to use it with fire at will for shooting down enemy projectiles, as unshielded projectiles are easily taken out with it, but aiming it manually is very inconvenient.

So to recap; just having a 360? beam weapon is a bonus for me, but since my load out makes short work of shields anyway I find it a hugely useful weapon that really hurts a target when used with the tractor beam. I just wish I could see the damn thing, and that it was easier to use for point defence.