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Hi there,

just came back after 2 1/2 years of not playing, and to be honest, I've been enjoying the game a ton!

However one of the main things that determines whether or not I stay in an MMO is pvp and how easily accessible it is. I love me some pve, but my friends and I regularly run a 4 man pvp group in all the MMOs we play when we get bored of pve.

So far I have sat in queues for 30+ minutes before giving up and going to play ToR or RIFT. Is this normal? Is it an off day? Is there a time of day people pvp more?

I mean, theres TONS of people on, 36 instances of ESD and multiple of a lot of others....

whats goin on D:
at the moment it is normal, most matches end like 15-0 or 30-0, and who would want to reque after a horrible defeat like that, and also with all the cheese gear and skills we have now most people don't reque for that fact.
and sometimes some people put others down for dieing,
How does it feel to die from the worst player in Star Trek Online
You Suck, Why do you even Play this game
so why would you want to reque when you get put down

some quotes from players i died agenst

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