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12-29-2012, 09:13 AM
Was this PvE or PvP gameplay you were watching this in?

Do you, or were you watching a normal BoP, or a B'rel?

Cloaking DOES have a cooldown, all 3 versions. So even a Hegh'ta has to wait to recloak again.

Also, the whole point of advantage of the B'rel (since I'm guessing this is what you saw, or use), is that it CAN fire while remaining cloaked. Even then it's only a good amount of BOFF skills, or mines, or torpedoes, and that is all, it cannot fire energy weapons.

It's not OP in any shape, just very advantageous. Even in PvE my B'rel gets decloaked...ALL...the...time. Plus it does also have a 3 second period of being out of cloak (and targetable), when you fire torpedoes or use some abilities (like Hazard Emitters on an ally).

In short, it has it's advantages and disadvantages. In PvP you have to build to counter it, but the BoP flyer has to build to fly that well in the first place. Besides, Fed toons have plenty of outright counters to de-cloak someone.

In short, you're far from immune.