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I don't know who brought up Elite STF's as it wasn't me? As other posters have, they are not way harder imho, a bit, I die a bit more often not much.
Apologies, Elites seemed to be the obvious culprit here.

Originally Posted by paareth View Post
All I can say to your second paragraph is, my experience has differed greatly. From Easy and not really caring about equipment, never dying and steamrolling over everything, to having to watch videos on builds, gathering information on the forum and trying not to die more than a few times a match by moving away out of range.
I don't know what to say. The logic behind normal and elite STFs is the have the former available from level 45 for all at or above it. Therefore it should be the exactly same for a lvl 45 as a lvl 50.

But from what you say, I guess the normal STFs, since stretched across two ranks, work similarly as for example Red Alerts and brings every player up to lvl 50. This would probably be done by adding a modifier to your damage and resistances, ...

If that's the case, then what you observed was the loss of the modifiers at leveling to 50, while keeping the same ship with the same equipment.

Now on to helping you:

If you want to tank, you need to deal damage, a lot of damage. AoE attacks work best to get attention of enemies. To keep it, you must continue to deal a lot of damage. The threat generation skill helps in making you a yummier snack for NPCs, but damage dealing has kinda more effect.

If you're successful in that first step, you'll get a lot of problems. Lots of visible and invisible torpedoes coming your way. Since I assume you are in a cruiser (what else for the single line of thinking "tank"), you have plenty space for a must that is EPtS cycling. Cycling Tac teams is probably another must for you. High shield power levels are very useful. Auxiliary power boosted TSS will add more shield resistance to your facings. Why not an RSP for the hottest moments? Complement with some hull heals, and you're good to go.
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