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12-29-2012, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by darktemplarcrimsonwolf View Post
Really? so cheating and using a clear exploit is the way to go? the only reason they don't fix this and remove all the illegally earned items is that so many amongst the community are entitled whinny little kids who'll cry foul of their ill gotten items being taken away but make no mistake cutting across HALF A TRACK is an exploit not intended by the developers and anyone who uses it just proves that they're unable to win otherwise you know, the sort who spend 3-4 tries each day doing the race for Q picture vs the NPC.
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Imo, as long as this isn't being fixed, it is "as is", which means you, the player are eligible to take advantage of such opportunity. Do it. -everyone else is.

In the meantime, write tickets to the developers.

Don't whine about foul play. It is your own fault you cannot adapt to the game.

Write those tickets instead.

The bug was fixed a long time ago...

Why do people feel the need to spread thier ignorance?