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Is it possible with in the games engine to intertwine ground and space PvE in real time coop?

I got the idea from Dust [some numbers] and EVE.

Can we have a coop PvE mission where a team of 5 or 20 players away team is on the ground battling massive amount of enemy while a fleet of 5 or 20 ships orbiting the planet must fend off reinforcement or giving orbital bombardment support.

Say if the space team(s) let an enemy ship get too close to the planet, the ground players will get heavier resistance beamed down.
The same can go both ways. The ground team(s) will have to shut off ground based anti-orbital cannons or disrupt a command center for orbital defense platforms that are in the space map. This in turn will allow player ships in the space map to bombard the planet from orbit or make their life easier.