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In my opinion ...

If you mean the alliance with the Borg ... yes, I agree. The primary objective was to get home and "the Northwest Passage" was a means to that end. Faced with the new threat, and knowing a fight with the Borg was inevitable anyway then "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" approach was a wise option to employ.

Besides, we got 7 of 9 for the rest of the series
I agree, it was a deal with the devil, because the only other option, was simply to call it a day and start living in the Delta Quadrant, as Borg space was an all or nothing venture. They had to do something, so something they did...

My one major beef, was that Seven was de-assimilated. From a story perspective, I would have found the character more plausible had she remained as a full, albeit disconnected, drone. The fact that the Doctor said he removed over 80% of the Borg hardware, yet she still just happened to have whatever the plot required, got a bit tedious after a while, as did the wearing of the catsuits... She could've either worn Kes' handmedowns, or other suitable civilian attire, rather than the catsuit...