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# 1 D'Kora minor adjustments...
12-29-2012, 12:05 PM
Allow the D'Kora to change its designation to SS

This pertains to the D'Kora. Lower the Ferengi Marauder 3 piece set bonus:
"Friends in High Places" to 1 hour instead of 2

Within the bridge, replace each of the 6 hexagons on the walls with trophy shelves. And directly behind the Dabo table create an alcove for a floor trophy

While I'm on the subject of bridges... create a unique bridge for the Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle as well. Whats with the skimping out on unique bridges for unique shuttles that people pay Dil/Zen for? Cause people rarely go in it? Maybe its partly cause you slapped on the generic shuttle bridge, lol. The devil is in the details (in this case the visual details)

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