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Why haven't they come up with a counter for Subnuke ability? Science team presently is not a real good counter and here is why; Subnuke power debuffs all powers being used on a shi and puts them in a long cooldown state. A timer is set to how long the affect last. When you activate Science team, it undo the timer and reset the buff powers to normal cooldown but it does not reactivate the buff that wer turned off. Without buffs activated a ship can not tank or last long against high DPS. The Devs need to give Science team the ability to reactivate the turned off buffs with the remaining time it had before it was deactivated. Any ideas or do you think they need to come up with a totally new power for this?
I don't think you understand the point of Subnuke beam. It counters fully buffed ships, be it escorts or cruisers. It does this by removing the buffs and destroying power recharge levels. If you make it so science team rebuffs the ship....yeah....the ability is now effectively useless. Think of it this way, what is the point of a buff counter ability with a 2.5 minute cooldown if it can be instantly cleared and the buffs restored by an ability with a 15-30 second cooldown. The science officer's sensor scan can also be cleared with science team, making a science captain's two most powerful abilities clearable with a single press of a button. And let's not forget that about a third of the science bridge officer powers are cleared by science team.

The trick is to learn to counter the counter. When fighting a cruiser, a science officer is waiting for the perfect moment to hit them with subnuke beam. Learn to keep your heals on two or even three separate cycles so that you aren't hung out to dry when the beam hits you. Also, if you can bluff them and make them hit it early, then you can clear it with minimal damage to your heal cycle.