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# 1 Neutral as 3rd Faction
12-29-2012, 01:23 PM
I've made minor adjustments. People seem to respond better to an independent, rather then a neutral, faction. Thanks paareth

Everyone should start out as Independent.

Then as you progress one can choose a side if they wish, or continue on as an Independent. What is with this picking a side before having all the adequate information present. Thats just bad decision making at its best. Another important point to touch upon is. Some people just want to venture out as traders, merchants, or freelancers without being slapped as FED/KDF and its USS/IKS branding. (Jem'Hadar Attack Ship with USS designation... really?)

Independent is quite simply put the easiest way to implement a 3rd faction.

+There is no need for an overarching storyline.

+ECS and SS ship designation. The latter being unlocked at T5.

+We don't need new episodes tailored for us. Maybe a few diologue changes in the way people affiliate and address us. But for sure the episode rewards that are faction restricted should be available to us.

+We don't need an "independent" capital like ESD is for FED. Because we aren't tied down our capital is which ever center is most popular or easy for us to go to. But if an independent center is needed I propose Ferengar, lol.

+Independent ranks are easier and more simplified:
T1 Ensign or Crewmen
T2 Lt.
T3 Lt. Cmdr
T4 Cmdr
T5 Captain (or DaiMon if the Independent Faction instead becomes the Ferengi Alliance).

+Even ships are easy to implement. T1-T4 ships would be the various lengths of Tuffli with the shortest length being available for T1, and the longest for T4. T5 is the D'Kora.

+Our uniforms would be Off-Duty, no Uniform selection.

The simplicity of this faction comes at a price...

-As shown above, there is only 1 ship type for each tier hence no choice (except if you've acquired other unique ships: jem, galor, breen, etc. that aren't faction bound). This bit is VERY lucrative for Cryptic if they make this faction, hint hint. *nudge nudge*

-The ships aren't geared towards any one career they are simply generic, with the exception of the D'Kora. Such IS the way it is, being independent. The other two factions are "geared" for war. But if backed into a corner you bet your @ss we'll fight!

And before I start seeing posts about how this independent faction is not balanced. Please look at how much attention, content, ships FED has over the KDF. Clearly its not balanced nor will it be. And it isn't about balance with this faction. Its about an independent faction thats... independent *shock* and not tied down for the most part. Unlike KDF who clamor for more content more ships, etc.
If you want balance go make a thread about a Defera Faction and propose balance there, lol.

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