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12-29-2012, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by flotahispana View Post
Again, the bast majority of players just plays and trust in the ingame content information, doesnt read the forums nor theor SPAM folder.

So, it's cryptic's fault for lazy and use copy pasta text in everything that they put in game without think about it and full of bugs and misleading information.

Yep. Your right. Cryptic made a mistake.

If the vast majority of players do not use the VAST resources available to them to both understand the game they play better AND stay up to date regarding News that is going on in the game, then it is their own fault. Especially when the ways in which they inform you go into multiple forms of social media. You gonna tell me someone has managed to be a player in STO and never use

The STO Website (News Section)
The many STO Podcasts and Blogs
The multitude of various interviews on varied MMO sites around the web.
The many recent costume promotions on various MMO sites.
Articles on MMO sites.
Brandon and Kiki's (Who the heck is Kiki?) new video report thing.
The STO forums.
Twitter Feeds from BFlakes and other Devs.

The list honestly goes on.

There is no one to blame here for lack of understanding how this FREE ship worked, except for the individual who was too lazy to read even a page of information about the ship.

For that matter, How did you even know the race was happening ? and that a Free ship could be gained ?

So, where's that logic ?
How are these people even knowing the ship is available if they never read about it ?

There is an in game typo on the box.
You're right, that's cryptic's Fault.
They made a Typo.
And the claim I am hearing is that because of a Typo, they now simply HAVE to give the ship the ability to be traded.

It's beyond ridiculous.