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12-29-2012, 01:33 PM
Sadly this issue isn't caused by Windows 8, its a problem that showed up after the Season 7 update. I have the same problem and so do a ton of other players.

Do you have a laptop with an integrated graphics card? That's one of the leading causes.

And also, there isn't a solution for it yet. The Devs have looked into it, but an update to fix it may not be coming so soon. Some people have lowered their graphics settings, others have tried playing in safe mode. Also updating your Graphics card, or downgradng it has been tried as well. I've personally tried everything and still haven't gotten a solution. I can't even get on anymore because my computer will crash from it.

Also this thread talks about the issue:

And this thread as well:

Cryptic has addressed it, but a solution hasn't been found yet, and since they are on Christmas Vacation at the moment, a solution may not bee seen until Mid to Late January unless this is actually an easy fix for them.

I hope this helps, you are not alone on this buddy.