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12-29-2012, 01:43 PM
I put one on my Vo'quv. I'm draining power like crazy from targets, so generally their shields go down anyway. For me, kinetic cutting beam is a great addition since it puts out a lot more damage than a turret on my usually-unshielded targets, plus I'm not using tactical abilities to boost specific weapons so I don't care so much about homogeny.

So. Specialized maybe, in that it's not a magic bullet for every ship and build, but hardly useless.

Originally Posted by haravikk View Post
My only problem with the beam is that it seems to have no visual effect? At least none that I can see; does anyone else suffer this issue? I have no problems with other weapons, except when there is a ton of firing at once and some things aren't visible, but even in the quieter solo missions I can't see any visible effect for the beam. It definitely does the damage, but I like being able to see it firing
It definitely has a visual effect. I had a fleet mate who said they couldn't see the beam when it fired, and it turned out he was running the game at very low detail levels because his computer was pretty old.