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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
So, when you say buy, do you meean that youhave to buy the regular KHG or MACO sets with dilithium and marks, and then buy the adapted sets with more dilithium and marks? I was hoping that it could be a straight trade, you give up your MACO set for the adapted MACO set. So, anyone at T5 who can tell how it works?
I am at T5 which is why I am complaining. On my toons that already have the MACO set, I can select the projects to buy the Adapted MACO set. On my toons that already have the Omega set, however, I do NOT have the same options. I only have the projects to get the regular MACO set. Granted, I am under the assumption that if I DID actually buy the MACO set on these toons, the Adapted set would unlock for me. This is an assumption that I am willing to 'test' by spending the marks and dilithium. And yes, the regular MACO set costs dilithium and marks, just as the Adapted sets do.

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its adapted how can u adapt something unless u have it to adapt make perfect sense to me
The Adapted MACO for feds is simply the Klingon Honor guard set. What 'adapted' really means here is that the Honor Guard set is 'adapted' for use by Federation players.
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