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Originally Posted by flotahispana View Post
All those are complementary methods of informatin. Main its ingame, and the only one that 99% players see.
You totally ignore the rest of the point and focus on this part , okay.

You are claiming that someone , manages to be computer literate enough to download, install and play this game, yet they NEVER ever check any of the MANY sources of information about the game. They never check Email, or Facebook, or Twitter or the website. heck, from the sound of what you lay out, these people must just avoid the internet.

Fine. The only way that these mystical, magical people have to get information on the game is from within the game itself.

How then do they even know the ship is available ?
Seriously ?
How did they know the winter event was happening ?

Oh and lastly, how in the world did they ever find the STO Forums to come and complain about something ?

You claim "It's Logic !" to trust in the information in game.

I say "It's foolish !" to NOT supplement in game information with outside sources.

I guess , my inability to blindly trust everything I am spoon fed in the game, and need to go to forums and wikis and blogs and podcasts to become a better player makes me incapable of understanding the basics of your argument.

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