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The current version of this daily only allows the KDF to either pay the ransom (latinum) or destroy the Breen ship with the captives on board. The FED version allows the player to rescue the captive using a trick.

I think a good change to the daily for KDF is for the KDF to either destroy the ship or disable and launch rescue party (the rescue would be a 15 sec Doff Mission). A Doff mission could also be added to the FED version in which a transporter Doff needs to lock on and beam the captives on board. If the Doff mission is a success (which should be 95% of the time with uncommon Doff) then the mission adds a bonus reward (25% more dilith and expertise).

Right now, the KDF version does not allow for rescue like the FED version, which makes the KDF version quite cowardly (destroy ship with captive and call it done); this is not up to the standards you would expect from the KDF.