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12-29-2012, 02:39 PM
Pretty much what mimey said. What you're describing sounds like the Enhanced Battlecloak on the B'rel retrofit, which is a 2000 zen C-store ship that is effectively distinguished by just that feature. The only point of getting the B'rel retrofit is to use that Enhanced Battlecloak, which enables the pilot to launch torpedoes and mines while cloaked with a 3-second window of visibility, and enables them to use certain abilities on themselves while cloaked. The regular battlecloak, available to all Bird of Prey ships and the Pegh'qu destroyer, doesn't do this.

The Enhanced Battlecloak, if disrupted by the wide array of cloak-disruptors that are out there, is subject to the exact same 20-second cooldown that all cloaks, even battlecloaks, are subject to. Also, if you manage to launch a salvo of torpedoes, especially quantum torpedoes, while the ship is targetable. . .they'll get hurt

Or you could just fire a 'target auxiliary' shot, which will disable the cloaking device (which relies on auxiliary power to operate).

About the only way the B'rel retro can truly be lethal is if it drops tricobalt mines on you, or fires both a tricobalt torpedo device and maybe a transphasic cluster torpedo at you at close range. . .both strategies are able to be resisted/deflected if you're paying attention (which you should be in PvP areas). If they're specc'd right, both of those could seriously damage or destroy you in a single barrage. Otherwise, the B'rel is more of a sniper, lobbing torpedoes from 8-9k km using the enhanced aspect of its battlecloak. It's very useful for keeping stragglers from escaping to rejoin a larger group of friendly players, because firing torpedoes at someone keeps them in Red Alert mode, restricting them from Full Impulse.