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Right now, the KDF version does not allow for rescue like the FED version, which makes the KDF version quite cowardly (destroy ship with captive and call it done); this is not up to the standards you would expect from the KDF.
Killing your enemy is cowardly? Giving captives an honorable death is cowardly? Saving them from a life of slavery and sending them to Sto'vo'kor is cowardly? Killing honorless dogs and giving them the honor of death at your hands is cowardly? I don't think you know anything about Klingons at all. In fact your title under your name says it even more.

No. What Starfleet does is cowardly. Bluff your enemy and then sneak their captives out and then walk away. There is no honor there. And besides, the breen can shoot back. And they do. You slaughter those pe'taq and then kill their bu'nich reinforcements as well. The captives are merely collateral damage. Their deaths as slaves would be meaningless. But their deaths also resulting in the death of slavers and their allies means far.
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