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# 1 Best Ship For Damage ?
12-29-2012, 03:33 PM
I have a tactical cruiser which I love flying around in most of the time, but I keep seeing these little tiny ships flying around th PvE maps and doing INSANE amounts of damage.

Which ships would I need to be looking at to start to load them out to do as much damage as possible for these events ?

Also my Tactical crusier is decked out with XI poloron beams and cannons up front and rear with a single torpedo launcher front and rear. I also have uprated beam damage and poloron damage consoles etc.... Could I do anything else with this system to build more damage into it ?

Also what should I do weopons wise for the new ship ? Poloron is ok ? Or should I be looking at disruptors ? Maybe something else ?

Thanks again for the advice, it's not the first and I am sure it won't be the last