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You don't understand the Balance of the game. Everything has a counter except Subnuke beam. Do not try to make Science Captains seem so poor and deprived of abilities, especially, now that they have the Wells and Mobius classes that are built like escorts blasting everyone away with DHC's and temperal weapons. It not like Subnuke is exclusive to non-cannon firing ships.
If subnuke beam doesn't have a counter, then why does science team remove it, hmm? The ability requires still to use properly and another player can bluff a science officer into using it. Asking for the reversion of subnuke buff stripping after science team deployment is like asking for a buff to subsystem power after engineering team is used to restore the disable subsystem debuff. After all, the player needs to be compensated for the drop in power for that time period. That's not how the game works, you need to learn to cope with debuffs rather than asking for them to be nerfed.

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srsly, ALL your previous post suggest that you have not even the slightest idea of this game and it's mechanics...
this post is just another example for it.
subnuke is the only reason to actually consider playing a sci in PVP...

and subnuke was already used by "cannon" ships before the mobius (wells is not even remotely build like an escort, just another misconception of yours)

i don't even know why i respond to this post, you made up your mind, and the next pages will only illustrate how little you know about STO and how convinced you are that your opinion is the best.
What was that, buzzing in my ear?
And this post demonstrates your true attitude toward this discussion. The evil science officer subnuked me while I was running Reverse Shield Polarity, Emergency Power to Shields, Rotate Shield Frequency, Auxiliary to SIF, and Transfer Shield Strength all at the same time. I want those buffs back now!!!

Yeah....I see cryptic making this change sometime soon. To be blunt, if you are going to make a thread asking for a nerf on subnuke, you need to actually discuss the points brought up. "Because there is no counter" has already been proved false, as even you admitted that science team clears the ability. Yes, no buffs puts a ship in a vulnerable state, but that is what the ability is supposed to do.

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