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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Seven should have been blown out an airlock and phasered into molecules
To be fair to Captain Kate, she did give the order to depressurize the area, and Seven was nearly spaced... I just wish they'd kept her as a drone, rather than a Swiss Army Bunny...

Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
as to a deal with the devil

"remodulate the deflector array and collapse fluidic space around the borg ships "
thus killing BOTH races

its what The real captains would have done (well actually picard would have negotiated a three way peace over tea and cake )
Wasn't really any need to kill the Undine, they had every right to be hostile, simply leaving them to deal with the Borg would have been the easiest option (but still wouldn't've allowed Voyager to cross Borg Space...) Oh well...