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2 AtB, infinite plasma Fleet vorcha

all my other builds have been more baseline, this one is fairly exacting, this is exactly what one of my characters is useing. if you would like to build a plasma weapon/EWP boat, a good place to start is my plasma ktinga build, this is a good place to end. the ktinga can be much more resilient, but the fleet vorcha has all the necessary stations to fully utilize every plasma related thing in the reputation system, all of which you will want to include.

fore- 1 omega torp, 1 experimental romulan beam array, 2 plasma DHCs
aft- 2 plasma turrets, 1 cutting beam, 1 romulan hyper plasma torp


EPtS1, AtB1, AtB2, EWP3

TB1, HE2

station power long form here

skill point distribution


borg/omega deflector/fleet +particle gen,+accuracy
borg/omega engine/fleet turn3
adapted KHG (maco) shield/ elite fleet mkXII resistant resA/B


borg, temporal, leach, zero point

2 embassy particle gen consoles, -th, plasma infused

4 plasma energy damage consoles


3 tech, 2 BFI

the 2 part romulan set gives you additional plasma energy damage, effecting all your weapons damage and DOT damage, so do the plasma infused embassy consoles. wile decloaking, and using the tier 5 romulan passive along with all tac buffs i can get the EWP3 tooltip to show over 2000 DOT base. your inherent crit chance should by high enough give you a good chance to crit on top of that. watch enemy buffs, grab them with a tractor beam and cover them and thier forward flight path with plasma, or save the tractor beam for when they are trying to escape the cloud of doom. even not fully tac buffed, its pretty rare that a cloud of yours isn't dealing at least 1000 DOT.

thats just 1 part of your offensive capability, your damage from weapon DOTs will be only about 1%-5% of your total issued pain. but thats ok, it most certainly is causing HE to be used early, before they really need it for your EWP. the DHCs and exparamental beam BOs are your next most damaging asset behind your EWP cloud, and can cut holes in shields quite effectively. anyone you shoot at you want to be holing, and its more then likely you have a hold available thanks to TB and EWP being cut down to global from AtB with tech doff use. so, theres no reason not to go all out for crit chance, you don't need acc mods at all, when i can hold im not missing no mater what. omega or fleet deflectors can buff your accuracy too, and thats what i use them for, but they also give you a tiny amount of crit overflow too.

you can DOT someone to death with this built, but you can also beat them down with high weapons spike, and deliver kinetic kill shots too. for your kill shot, HY omega torps. thats right, when you arent burning someone to death, your 1 shooting them. assuming they are already fairly beleaguered, it will deal between 15k and 30k damage, even without the KHG set, which you could use to buff its damage i suppose. the HY omega torp is the best heavy projectile in game by about 1000%. it has 4k hitpoints, and typical HY projectile evasion. AOE attacks cant effectively deal with it, it shrugs off PSW and TBR, your best chance to kill it it to lock a tractor beam on it. so, unless your target runs, or your somehow out of holds, it will ALWAYS hit. and your cannons can keep a shield facing down long enough for it to hit hull often, between TTs. your cutting beam can be effective at this time too, hitting hull through the down facing.

the romulan experimental beam array for this build conveniently has crtH3. this weapon drains no energy when fired, which is nice, but it makes BO shots drain much less then on any other beam. watch out for your own torps popping near you, and setting you on fire. luckily you have HE at its global. this thing is a bus, you cant slow it down and prevent yourself from getting too close to your target, its just slides towards them. APO can help, or lurch you closer to them, its very lurchy forward, and not very fast going backward. if you got a faceing up you should be fine though.

im pretty sure this is the best platform and setup to use all the rep stuff, without gimping yourself in some way. it can use it all, and you got that moment of invincibility with the 3 part omega stuff, and the supper BO+dot thing with the romulan beam array too. everything synergies, and together acts like another plasma tac console to buff all energy damage and dot. you need to be super aggressive though, you have minimal heals and defense, you need to be controlling your enemy's before you get all alpha striked or sci'ed to death.
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