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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Missions would be different from PvE, where players start with a basic ship and have to upgrade it over time to earn more money. Go to worlds and establish trade and start getting to know contacts and the items needed on that world. Then over time establish trade routes.
This isnt Wing Commander: Privateer ...

Its quite late to go around making inputs on how the game should play, especially when I see being asked is having a game on the lines of Privateer that despite being a excellent game is simply not we have here with STO.

I am going to say this, its getting old the bright ideas of dead end factions that would even more dead that the KDF because the ideas being forward simply do not work well with the existing factions future content expansion meaning they would get nothing from it, they are mini factions with a few ships, a few missions that would have zero growth.

We DONT need a faction that by design would be in a worst state that the KDF currently is.