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For the last TWO YEARS NOW, every time our Captain beams in or out, we have to look at the same black string thong. Why, PWE?

One would think that with all the efforts to improve the game, add new content, further monetize the game, more redundant upgrades for ships, weapons, costumes, doffs, boffs, would occur to the guys at PWE to add upgrades for that ONE costume element that is completely customizable.

Offering costume upgrades for the Undies slot would alleviate this monotony. If a selection of male, female and other underwear were available - argyle or heart-print boxers, or a selection of panties, boyshorts and the like, I think everyone would agree that most players would be willing to spend substantially more Zen - and real life $$$ - on such an item than on the far less stimulating current offerings.

PWE needs to step up its T&A offerings to remain competitive with newer MMOs such as TERA Online, with T&A generally accepted as far superior to STOs.

GW2's failure was in large part due to its lacking the leggy, busty, and steatopygous races of WoW. GW2 shared many programming elements with STO (e.g., the interact menu, lockbox system and Dil exchange), but its character customization lacked STO's most compelling feature, one that has been integral to the continued success of the game: the boob slider.

The constant appearance of the SAME costume item EVERY TIME any of our characters do a beam-in/out for the last two years is inexcusable. Of course some fanboys will try to argue that PWE's performance in this regards is already more than acceptable, that there isn't a problem, that other MMOs don't do this better.

I disagree. We the playerbase deserve better, and whatever may be said on the forums, most players would in fact be willing to spend Zen on some exciting variety. PWE is a business out to make money, and I struggle to understand why they neglect the obvious demands for an improvement to the current situation with our Captains' undies.