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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
its a seperation module (and it explodes) so its a warhead

as to when did it happen

watch the episodes
see how often things broke , fell off or went bang

often when someone Really needed to cloak it would not
Yeah, I've seen DS9. They never, ever used the "separation module" on the Defiant... it wasn't a thing. That's the navigational deflector. When, exactly, did things break, fall off, or go bang, especially compared to how often something would go wrong on the other shows?

I've also seen the rest of Star Trek, where every ship would have important parts stop working as the plot required -- that was just how the writer wrote those episodes.

Watching Voyager, you'd think the solution to every problem on an Intrepid-class ship was to dump the warp core. The Enterprise-D had a warp core breach whenever a stiff breeze carried an autumn leaf into a nacelle. Both ships had chronic holodeck problems that endangered the crews on a nearly weekly basis.

You've just got an irrational distaste for the Defiant class. That's fine that you don't like it, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise. It's pretty funny how you feel like you have to make stuff up to justify how much you dislike it, though.