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12-29-2012, 05:10 PM
I don't want a full 360-degree pitch movement, but 180- would be pretty awesome. Even 178-, to give a degree restriction on each side. It's super-annoying to have to do a big spiral to get to something that is outside of the restricted angles - and it isn't just Foundry missions that do this; some of the Cryptic missions do this too:

-The first Fehl'kri mission has one of the anomalies right on top of another.
-At least one of the sector patrols has mobs at different places on the z-axis, with close ones more than 45-degrees off the x-y plane.
-One of the Cardassian patrols has this; my ship is at maximum depression, with the asteroid belt at only a slightly smaller angle; and as we know, the mobs like to hid in the asteroids, sometimes above, but sometimes below, and this gives us no real room to do anything besides charge right at them.

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The added the 360 flight ability into BSGO and everyone hated it. You get stuck upside down or backwards, Yery hard to PVP dogfight when you cant get your horison line set and your flipped around backwards. its very easy to get disorientated
This is dumb. Space combat games have had full movement for years, from X-Wing all the way to Freelancer and beyond. People played all those games with only a minimum of problems. There's no horizon in space, so there's no need to align with it. If there is a proper up-down orientation in the game, there should be some auto-roll-correct function (if not, that's bad game design; even STO does this sorta with the ship customizer).