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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I did read your post, it's just that it was a little cryptic and I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're saying...
No really you do. Because we're saying the same things. TT in pve is most useful to use on other ships, specifically NPC's that you need to protect. We just used different examples.

And balancing your own ships shields is for TT inside of PVP. And that's all I even mentioned it for in PVP. Nothing else honest! So we said the same things.

On my fleet ship in PVP I only run one, and when I had the original I ran zero, because as an engineer you can get away with that. Not saying I recommend it as optimal, just saying.

And as far as this ship using 6 beam arrays and front and rear torpedoes..

Sounds good. Watch the video. Honest did you see the ship spinning around spewing death? But you have to want to do that. You have to want to keep moving your ship and bringing those launchers to bear. I'm sure with minimal gear you'll be effective in all the normal events if that's your choice. It does kill slower than cannons, but it is surely viable for normals.

Cheers and happy flying and do whatever you need to do to get in there and start killing!


There's a ship. Bortasqu. Now THAT's a fast mover amirite?? Equipped for under a Million EC. But ALL common items and doffs. Only big EC was spent on deflector, shields, and engines. Because for the cheep price you don't pass up plasma resist! Doing normal stf's. And doing it pretty well. I'd say the only thing holding the ship back is my lack of skill, not the gear.

And yes. I have one copy of TT.

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