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hehe... Cat's Eye the central core(IE the easily visible part) is only .2 ly.
That's still very big.

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anyways it's a bit of a moot point. we can't say for sure that small clouds of gas and dust don't exist in space. either way, most of the smaller gas clouds seen in STO aren't actually called Nebula.
Yes we can. It's called gravity. Things that small would either clump together due to gravity, or dissipate due to a lack of it. Yay for physics.

Either way, I'm mostly talking about the skybox Nebulae, but the little ones are terrible too.

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Your inner astronomer needs excercise.
Pointing out issues like this one give him plenty.

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Only thing wrong with Nebulae is inconsitancy with the older zones. Newer zones like the planets in Tau Dewa, all are showing the Azure Nebula from various angles.

But you got to realize, that space isn't really at all black. Even if you hopped into a space ship, you wouldn't see the Milky way until you entered the shadow of some large object (like a planet).

And those famous Hubble Nebulae pictures, literally take hours to develop as it collects light from it.

But if Cryptic really made the background all darkness, then I think it would be pretty boring. So having some nebulae in the background can be a good thing.
I understand that, I'm not asking for complete adherence to realism, I'm not asking for the removal of the Nebulae due to scientific reasons, I'm doing it for storytelling reasons.

You see, the best way to make someone tired of something is to continually expose them to it. Nebulae are supposed to be rare, impressive and fantastic. When they're literally every-freaking-where and you can count on one hand the number of major game locations that do not have random glowing mist everywhere, you are doing it wrong.

Even most importantly, generic star fields can be used to your advantage. Take the DS9 map for example. The skybox is a bunch of very faint stars along with giant pinkish-purple splotch. On lower end computers, the stars disappear completely, leaving behind a massive cloud of blurry fuzz.

If the cloud was much more subdued (You know... like it was on the show?) or missing entirely, and left behind there was a simple, clear star field, you're eyes would be free to look at Deep Space Nine and the Wormhole, which is what you're supposed to be looking at.

On top of all of this, there's tons of crap in outer space that's visually interesting. Use that instead! Binary Stars, Star Clusters, Auroras, comets, newly formed star systems, gas giants, super novae, stars so huge it takes light eight hours for it's own light to travel from one side to the other, even honest to god lightning bolts.

For goodness sake Cryptic! Space is full of insane madness. There's enough stuff in outer space for thousands of video games! Shame on you for ignoring it!