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Tac focused player with maxed out attack skills (all energy weapons + crits + attack patterns)

If for example you have Commander and Lieutenant tactical stations, which setup do you prefer and why

Commander: Torp 1, Torp 2, Rapid Fire 2, Rapid Fire 3
Lieutenant: TT1, Beta/Omega 1


Commander: Torp 1, Rapid fire 1, Beta/Omega 2, Rapid fire 3
Lieutenant: TT1, Torp 2


Commander: Torp 1, Rapid Fire 1, Rapid Fire 2, Beta/Omega 3
Lieutenant: TT1, Torp2

I can't seem to figure out what is optimal and why, I get conflicting information from everywhere and I can't for the life of me figure out which setup I prefer, so I thought I would get your opinions.

So what do you think - APB3 or Rapid fire 3?

NB: I'm using Rapid Fire as an example, feel free to substitute it with Scatter Volley if you prefer

NB2: I'm currently using 2 conn officers to get the recharge time of TT1 down to the global CD of 15 seconds so I only need one copy, and this has the added advantage of buffing attack patterns by +20 for 10 seconds after use (so that's 2/3s of the time!)