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Originally Posted by krypal View Post
this was in pvp game play.....kdf/kdf

If it was only using torps/mines and doesn't uncloak to do so how are you supposed to kill it?

Only thing I could think off was some sort of aoe but you still need to be able to target it surely?
A lot of the skills you've mentioned require you to be able to target him to fire them near him.

i was in my carrier and couldn't even get my pets to attack him. granted he couldn't break my tank but the arse just kept attacking me so I couldn't do anything including leave.

In the end (after about 20 minutes) I just went and sat in amongst a group of Borg cubes just to get away from him.

Sorry there may be counters to it but it seems way overpowered regardless.
And they are targetable for about 2-3 seconds. You've gotta be quick on the button with the disable/hold move.

There are certain skills that don't need to be targeted that can really mess with cloaked BoPs in general. Charged Particle Burst will most likely decloak anything within 5km, especially if you're at high auxiliary power. Sensor scan for science officers, when untargeted, can potentially decloak enemies that are within 5km. Scramble sensors will mess with any destructible projectiles (tricobalts, cluster torpedoes, etc). Heck, even warp plasma might catch the BoP if you have a good idea where he is and he's not paying attention.

As for it being OP. . .you've gotta keep in mind that this basically makes the B'rel retro a one-trick pony. This sort of thing is about the only thing it's good for, other than being a makeshift sci ship that can use heals while cloaked. If you wanna hit-and-run ambush with alphastrikes, you just stick with the Hegh'ta or get a fleet BoP. There's a reason why Bird of Prey ships spend a lot of time cloaked in PvP, especially in places like Ker'rat. They're squishy, and rely on the advantage of surprise/tactical mobility to succeed. The B'rel retro just takes that to the next level.