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Originally Posted by dariuskoronikov View Post
Well i put up a disclaimer stating I am dyslexsic so expect some spellin gor grammer issues yet I still get "grammer wasn't the best"

thought I did have one guy basicly say "do yourself a favor and stop doing missions" I'm not forcing him to play

My missions just combine some decent talk and fighting. I design each as if it could be an episode of star trek, and like sar trek there are bound to be episodes not as amazing as others, if I have to be honest it was onlysupposed to be a trilogy but i lovedusing the caracters so much its a series, I love what I do.and of others do its a bonus
And I for one have found your missions excellent. Some were hard due to where I spawn, some were easier than expected. As for spelling, thank you for the warnings at the start of your missions. I just take my time reading them so I understand what the NPC's are trying to tell me and haven't seen any problems.

I have not found anyone who deserved a 1 star rating but a few that got a 3 because planning was not really there. Those I critiqued in (hopefully taken) positive manner.

All of you keep up the mission work, I very much enjoy playing them.