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Not compared to the size of our solar system's Oort cloud! .2ly vs 1.6ly hehe.... Sure the Cat's Eye Nebula would surround all of the planets of the solar system, even Eris, but still... If we were viewing it out the window at a distance of a few light years it'd look like a big colored blob....
The Oort Cloud is also dark. As in, we cannot see it. I don't get what your point is continually bring it up. And again, I'm referring to the big background nebulae, not the small ones. Though the small ones are horrible too.

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Only in a system where there is no continual source for formation of new clouds.
And how, pray tell, would you suggest that occurs?

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Yes, I know. But.... the TV show avoided those for the most part..... They did make up a few interesting theoretical systems fo their own....
A: Writers are slackers that continually borrowed from their predecessors.

B: Audiences don't often know the difference.

That shouldn't be an excuse anymore. Give us something original.