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You know it should be pretty embarrassing that they can't even get the tier unlock descriptions correct for the fleet and reputation systems. Seriously devs, look at the gear that you offer and read through the text.... basic editing skills. I can understand items and powers needing tweaks or not working, but text descriptions seems like the lowest of the low as far as QA.

I read another thread about the MK XII Assimilated set and did a double take... "I didn't read anything about that in the unlocks..." sure enough I go look and bang there they are under the contribute tab. So when did these unlock? Could I have gotten this set at tier 4? I see that XI unlocks at T3....

Same goes with elite space weapons... this is elementary school stuff... seriously I would expect more from grade school kids. I normally hate it when people make threads like this one... but dang it! Enough is enough! I have hit the BS limit for the night with this game.....
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