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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Escort of your choice.

4 Dual Heavy Cannons in front, 3 Turrets in rear. Energy type is fairly unimportant but right now disruptor and antiproton are top DPS by a tiny margin. Rotate Tactical Team, Cannon Rapid Fire/Scatter Volley, and Attack Pattern Beta/Omega to kill stuff fast. Use Emergency power to Shields, Hazard Emitters, armor consoles, and other standard things to keep you alive.

This is a very rough description but should be enough to get you started and then you can find what specifically works best for ya. Like dropping a DHC and adding a torpedo might be more your style.

Also, only use the +polaron damage consoles and not the +beam consoles. The ones that increase a specific energy weapon type grant a higher bonus and they stack additively.
Solid advice here. Personally I prefer 3 Dual Heavy Cannons + 1 torpedo up front with 3 turrets in the rear, but it's all personal preference.

Have 2 versions of Rapid Fire and alternate between them every 15 seconds. I like to have 2 versions of High Yield and alternate between them every 15 seconds also.

Emergency power to shields and Hazard Emitters are vital boff abilities for survivability. Personally, I run two versions of emergency power to shields, and alternate between them every 30 seconds. Means you run with high shield power all the time, it's fab.