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Originally Posted by mikiiy View Post
About the enemy neutralization kit outshining fabrications by a factor of almost 3 (according to someones numbers)... maybe its rather time to ask if the recent no-cooldown "feature" of transphasic bomb really is intended, cause i ain't remember reading about it in the patch notes and it kinda seems to be to good to be true too.
This has been around since the change to tactical initiative. It is the same as the Ophidian Cane setup YOU use. You know how YOU use Tactical Initiative and chain the Ophidian Cane in PvP, even through walls? This is a famous trick of Yours, so it should be familiar. Its the same principle. Using Tactical Initiative lowers the cooldown of the whole teams abilities. Of course doing this in PvP with transphasic bombs isn't smart, because of the animation lock. But it works well in PvE when you are killing a boss.

BUT bringing the topic back to the kits. Do you like the Quick Fix ability that was added to the fabrication kit, as much as you like the Motion Accelerator addition? Do you really see a use for the new Science kit? Even the new Flamethrower requires you to run up and place it fairly close to your targets since it has a limited range.

A simple way to look at this:
Has the tactical officer received a more useful ability on their new kit, compared to the other classes? And the answer in my opinion is that they have received a major improvement compared to the other classes. Therefore the imbalance.