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12-29-2012, 10:06 PM
Janeway's actions were not justified, sacrificing another species just to get a short cut home should damn her utterly, she could have bidden her time, left well enough alone and let 8472 clear a path for her which it was doing quite effectively. But then there were a lot of scenarios where common sense was left at the door, they wouldn't have even been stuck in the Delta quadrant if she'd just left a timed explosive hidden on the Keepers array, they go home, array goes boom, end of story.
The primary reason for deborgifying Seven was because that makeup is painful to wear, and having to wear it consistently for several seasons could to lead to serious skin problems, but that doesn't justify her ending up as a bimbo in a catsuit, that was thrown in to appeal to the teenage male demographic, stuff like that is bound to happen when the producers are more interested in the Neilson index than in telling an intelligent story.