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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Adam, Bareel.

Lets assume you DO get your improvements to beams and you do substancially more damage. Would you also be willing to give up an equally substancial amount of survivability?
You spelled "substantially" wrong.

And as for adamkafei and bareel, it comes down to this: cruisers are healers and tanks. Get over it. You want to deal damage with them, you sacrifice your survivability. I was given a hard lesson in this today in a PvP round where I had 2 bugs and a regent on me. If I was in tank mode I would have been fine. I could have done without the sub-nuke as well. But since I was in offensive mode (ltcmdr tac instead of engi or sci), I got killed. Not quickly mind you (killing a properly built oddy always takes time), but I was still killed.

That is balance. You have to sacrifice to gain. I was easily doing twice as much damage as any cruiser out there (was able to destroy a vesta by my lonesome lol), but I was a terrible healer and not a very good tank as a result. You can't have it all, so stop trying to get it all.

You will NEVER deal as much damage as an escort. That's their job. Damage dealer. You are a cruiser. A support craft. That's your job. Healer/pressure damage. An escort will NEVER be able to take the beating your cruiser can. That's not it's job. That's yours. -.-
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