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12-29-2012, 11:01 PM
There is no reason at all why they couldn't remove the pitch limit without any major problems, it wouldn't be disorienting since you aren't "in the cockpit" and even if you invert the ship it will auto right itself anyway the minute you release the controls, as it is right now you have to waste a lot of maneuvering just to get at a target that is below or above you and doesn't seem bound by the same rules you are in the directions it can move.
I realize, it's Star Trek, North pole is up, South pole is down and when you orbit a planet you do it perpendicular to the surface when you are parallel to the equator, but still it's space.
A Defiant being able to do a barrel roll reversal flying straight up and flipping over to end up flying in the opposite direction is exactly how a Defiant is supposed to be able to fly.