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Originally Posted by matchstick606 View Post
why ISS and SS? ISS is only used on mirror ships and SS are none military if i remember correctly (someone step in if thats wrong) on the topic of the Na'Far, I would think there are shuttles higher on the list to get a custom bridge if at all. I do agree with you on the D'kora bridge needing some love but i much rather see them fix the bug with the battle mode then to add stuff to a already small bridge.

BTW: wouldn't the ship designation be something like FAS? (Ferengi Alliance Ship) it's the only thing i could think of being close to a USS for ferengi.

Yup I made a typo with the ISS. FAS sounds good too but ya SS if nothing else.

As for the wall trophies...
Its above each console so its not really taking up space, rather its sharing it, and the alcove created behind the dabo table would simply add room even if its minimal. Besides these are just small quick tweaks/adjustments. Nothing that would take up to much resources for Cryptic to devote. Thus it should be feasable to do. Its not like I'm saying expand the bridge to the size of the Galor's. That would take more resources I would think.

What bug with Battle Mode? I haven't noticed any bug.

I would like that they allow a 2nd Rapid Fire Missile Launcher to be equipped per ship (like they have allowed more then one Cutter Beam per ship). The damage is almost decent with one. Two isn't going to be ground breaking it going to make the decent mark. And it would be pointless putting more then 2 on cause its CD is 2sec. No harm just more aethetically visually fun. And more $ for Cryptic

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