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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
You forgot that it's canon that there are Merchants and Freighter Captains that don't operate under the UFP.
No, I do not ... they are registered with the Federation (meaning under their flag, just like todays merchant ships) or they dont.

But thats it, you dont suddenly get involved into Starfleet affairs and far too many things on the game are made under the assumption you are a commissioned officer of either Starfleet or the Klingon Defense Force.

Take the Breen episodes, remove the faction and they make no sense because they are the assumption you are a envoy from either the Federation of the Klingon Empire and they have their own ships and their own officers, no need to "outsource" it.

Worst you have the 2800 were the start is a conference about the Borg, makes no sense to have a non-allied or member of any of the factions present since what would be the point of having a freighter captain there?

What you people seem to be arguing is you want a sandbox game with no real missions or no real story because that is neutrality, the content you would have would mean nothing but endless patrols and the cluster exploration missions.

I say this, I think it was a error to have the KDF at launch and it perhaps been better to make it a alternative faction later but that ship have sailed, I am looking at the realities of the game as it stand and I see these proposals as nothing but "tear down the walls and build anew" and they cannot do that.